Beast Mobile – Why Beast

Beast Mobile is an American owned company that provides wireless services. With the nation’s best wireless network, Beast Mobile provides fast and reliable wireless services with its nationwide network.

Big corporations are making BILLIONS $$$$ from the data that you share with them when you use your phone. Well we have had enough of this. We are going to pay for that data and provide you FREE cellphone service.

Beast Mobile is known for not only being competitive in the wireless space, but also for bringing in revolutionary offers in the Telecom industry. One such plan that Beast Mobile recently launched, offers Unlimited Talk and Text with 2GB of High-Speed LTE Data every month, for 5 Years. The customer effectively has to only pay $149 for 5 Years of service that also comes with a brand new NUU X6 Plus smartphone.

Beast Mobile aims to foster and build a long-term relationship with its customers. Beast Mobile is a hassle-free prepaid service that offers no contracts, requires no credit checks, doesn’t ask for activation fees and has no hidden charges.

The details of the plans we offer are listed on our website’s Plan page and are sold precisely at the quoted price. Beast Mobile is highly rated amongst its customers and has a rapidly growing user base because of its high-quality service and comparably low rates.